Kalu 4 Kids


Mr. Kalu truly believes in the saying, “knowledge is power”. This is the reason he has donated over thousands of dollars to various educational programs and charitable organizations he has created. In 1998 Mr. Kalu started the Mr. Quig scholarship program, based out of San Antonio Texas. The scholarship is named after Mr. Kalu’s 12th grade trigonometry teacher who was killed in a car accident. The scholarship awards college bound students $2,500.00 to assist them with college related expenses.

In 2006 Mr. Kalu created Kalu 4 Kids 501 (c) 3. The organization’s purpose is to help provide low income, disadvantaged, students the basic school supplies they need to compete in the class room and other learning environments. It is important to know that Kalu 4 Kids does not and will not obtain any employees or contracted help. Every dollar raised is used to fulfill the mission of Kalu 4 Kids. We thank all our volunteers that help make this possible.


• In 2007 Kalu 4 Kids purchased 4 laptops that were given to college bound students from the Houston area.

• Kalu 4 Kids purchased and donated school supplies to Ethel Mosley Young Elementary
for the 2007-2008 school year and again for 2008-2009. This was particularly special for
The Kalu Group due to the number of houses the company owns in the Sunnyside area.

• In the summer of 2008, Kalu 4 Kids donated $500 to Karon Coleman’s tuition to attend
the Oxford program in Great Britain. Karon is currently a student (Master of Divinity) in
The Havard School at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Houston, TX.

• The Kalu Group contributed a $500 donation to The Dale R. Lloyd II Scholarship Fund
in the summer of 2008. Dale R. Lloyd passed away unexpectedly during a light workout
at Rice University, Houston, TX.

• Awarded Kre’Von Waring, Prairie View A&M 2008-2009
Freshman with a laptop for it’s annual laptop giveaway.

• Assisted the Houston Launchpad Organization with it’s annual back-to-school,
school supply drive by donating funds to purchase necessary supplies.

• Purchased and donated 20 football tickets for Rice University’s
2008-2009 season opener for inner-city children to attend festivities.

• August 10, 2011- School Supply Give-a-Way Purchased $7,500.00 worth of school supplies and handed them out to low income families in the Sunnyside subdivision.

Every quarter Kalu 4 Kids delivers school supplies to schools located in low income areas.

If you know of a deserving, college bound student who you believe should be considered for one of our computer prizes, please have him/her write a short essay(one page maximum) informing us why they should be awarded a free laptop.

All essays should be either mailed or emailed to the following address:

Kalu 4 Kids
9119 Hwy 6, Ste 230 #163
Missouri City Tx, 77459