Investor Loans

At the Kalu Group we have built our business on the purchase, sale, and management of our assets. We only deal with residential construction and feel confident in not only loaning the right amount on specific residential projects, but being able to consult investors during this exciting process. If you are looking for short term, hard money loans (bridge loans) for the purchase and rehab or your next single family investment give us a call. We do not have any hidden fees and can offer you assistance with the purchase, rehab, and marketing of your next project. Every deal is different and we have multiple products that should fit your needs. We also offer transparency and a realistic outlook on your return. Unlike many predatory lenders, we are not hoping that you default on your loan so we can take possession of your investment, but we take pride in knowing that we assisted a fellow investor in taking part of the American Dream. Our decisions are based on rehab estimates, comparables, and the ARV of your purchase. Your credit is not a determining factor in whether or not we will loan on your project. Call us today at 281-961-5497 for more details!